Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)


The Ground Penetrating Radar (or simply GPR) is a tool with the ability to acquire a large amount of information in the soil in a short period of time and to generate continuous cross-sections in the form of image, without impacting the area being monitored. The GPR is a small-size portable radar that emits electromagnetic pulses of very high frequency (approximately between 50 to 1600 MHz). Because of the interaction of the electromagnetic waves with the material, the GPR receives back a signal as a response, and this signal will provide information regarding the properties of the medium traversed. Depending on the operating frequency, its signal can pass through sediments, rocks, concrete, ice or other types of materials, either of natural or artificial origin.

The GPR detects changes in the electrical properties of materials, which may indicate the presence of different sedimentary levels, changes in the moisture content of the soils, presence of geological structures in the sub-soil, the presence of cavities or fractures and buried objects. Crux Technologies offers a wide range of solutions that include: analysis of soil moisture for agricultural applications, detection of the water table, detection of utilities, analysis of the integrity of civil structures and pavements and identification of fractures in tunnels and galleries.

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